VLOG #47: #ABonne: “With Whitening—They Always Get It Done!”

May 31, 2019

I have been using A Bonne products for quite sometime now—the Miracle White C Creamy Soap, the Miracle Spa Milk Shower Salt, and the Milk Power Lightening Lotion.

Miracle White C Creamy Soap

This Miracle White C Creamy Soap has milk protein, Vitamin C, and royal honey that will give you a natural whitening, moisturizing, and smooth & radiant glowing skin.

Miracle Spa Milk Shower Salt

This Miracle Spa Milk Shower Salt has nano white gluthatione, extra kojic whitening milk protein, tomato extract—lycopene, and himalayan salt that will give you natural firming, whitening, and also smooth & radiant skin.

Milk Power Lightening Lotion

This Milk Power Lightening Lotion has lacticare milk power & collagen + yogurt & milk protein—perf as a UV Protection that will also give you natural firming, whitening, and yet again smooth & radiant glowing skin.


As I have been using A Bonne products for quite sometime, I have realized the change on my skin. Usually when I’m taking a bath I use both the creamy soap and shower salt, but sometimes I use both alternately. I use the creamy soap almost everyday on my face and body. On the other hand, I use the shower salt twice or thrice a week still on my face and body. I am always left in awe because my skin is also left soft and smooth at the same time. I thought at first that maybe the softness and smoothness with disappear after going out of the shower and drying up, but surprisingly it didn’t go away at all. You’ll feel light and radiant the whole day.

After which of course the lotion would take place after taking a bath and drying up. Somehow I was pretty hesitant with the lotion at first because I really don’t like that sticky feeling that lotion tends to do on me. But hey, surprisingly it isn’t sticky at all, like it really isn’t. It’ll just give your skin added softness and smoothness at the same time.

With using three products every single day, I have definitely noticed a change. Well I have a light skin, but I’m not totally fair or pinkish-white, but then with these products I have quite achieved that pinkish white glow even without make-up. How cool is that?! Plus, the hubby also uses the products and he admits that he isn’t fair, but because of the products he quite achieved the skin color that he wanted, not something really fair or pinkish-white but he definitely believes that his skin did whiten, it did make a difference out of all the products that he has been using to lighten his skin.

So we truly swear to these products that they work, well for us, since we really were dedicated to use them to see some results. We do recommend that you try them too if you’re curious like us, like to see some changes.

So definitely A Bonne: “With Whitening—They Always Get It Done!”



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Thanks for watching!

~C. A-L.

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