With ANTIOX, a worm-free family means a worm-free community!

May 31, 2019

Becoming a mother made me realize that I can do almost anything: ONE-HANDED. LOL!

Definitely, motherhood is unselfishness coz when you become a mother you are no longer the center of your own universe. You relinquish that position to your children, even to your spouse.

Being a Mom and a wife at the same time aren’t easy at all, but definitely the best jobs anyone could ever ask for. Also, it is just so magical. Moreover, you can be a mess and still be a good one. We are allowed to be both. Ergo, it’s always a responsibility for me to think of their health.

So as many Filipinos would believe, only children who live in unsanitary conditions with poor hygiene are prone to worms. So despite deworming efforts made by the government, the relevance of this health practice in the country remains low. Which is so true amongst us, because as I have noticed we’re not really aware that these kinds of worms exist and are truly the little monsters inside us, even to our families.

But in reality, you know worms are everywhere. Where there’s dirt, there are worms. But even though an environment is super clean, it doesn’t mean that there are no worms. These worms are not seen through the naked eye. Beyond a clean home and a healthy lifestyle, there are worms that can be picked up along the way. From stepping barefoot on the ground, playing with pets, the simple act of not washing hands after a restroom break to coming into contact with objects contaminated by worm eggs in unsanitary locations, worms can be easily carried home.

Once at home, sharing food with the household, touching the same utensils or picking up the same item as the person with a worm infection can simply be passed on to other family members. This eventually flushes down efforts on safeguarding the health and wellness of the family. So, no matter how clean and healthy one may look, I believe and could definitely say, “WALANG PINIPILI ANG WORMS.”

Worms can rob the health of any family. Among children, it stunts their growth, affects their mental performance, gives malnutrition, and makes them inactive. For adults, they could suffer from constant health complications.

With the imposing health risks that worms bring to all members of the household, ANTIOX champions deworming for families. Unlike other deworming treatments, ANTIOX is a brand that is not only for kids, but is intended for every member of the family.

In many modern Filipino homes, mothers are the key influencers to a family’s wellness. Their everyday choices drive what a family needs, making them the ambassadors of health. Recognizing this fact, ANTIOX is one with every Filipino mother who would do anything to give the best protection to her family. By joining the family challenge to deworm, Filipino moms can ensure their families are totally healthy.

So to all Mommas out there, together, let’s make every Filipino home a worm-free family. With ANTIOX, a worm-free family means a worm-free community.

I learned that a good Mom has bad days, great days, normal days, overwhelming days, perfect days, trying days, supermom days, just being a mom days, and definitely a whole lot of love and crazy motherhood days—all days are definitely WORTH IT, especially if our family and community would be a worm-free one!

Much love,

~C. A.-L.

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