Bonjour! I am Camille Alipio-Luzande, the lifetime partner of my love Architect Art Jordan Luzande and author of this blog. Many know me by my nickname Camz, having used it since my elementary years.

I grew up in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but never have I forgotten my roots as a Filipino. My life was pretty much different in Saudi coz a lot of things were restricted in the country were I basically grew up.

Though in 2007, my parents and I decided that it’s time to make a big change. I went here in the Philippines to study a Bachelor degree in Communication in Miriam College. I’ve learned a lot since I got here especially when applied for my first job.

Because of my first job I have come to love writing even more. And so last year, 2016 of June, I have finally decided to have a blogsite so that I can share to the unseen audience of the world my passion and a bit of my life’s adventure.

Currently, I am a first-time Mom and every single day is definitely a learning experience and so I’ve also decided to share with you some of my journey as a Mom and of course a bit of my little man’s milestones.

During my lazy and quiet days, I just love to spend more time with my husband and my son, read books, watch series and/or movies, listen to music, and sometimes reflect on life—my relationship with myself, my husband, my son, and of course my Lord and Savior.

~C. A-L.